Product Visualization in Adobe Dimension

It’s happened. I’m finally getting the hang of 3D modeling. It took 3 weeks to get here…but we’re here and I’m so excited!

I started this week wanting to build off my parametric project. I created a little media center to store and listen to vinyls, which had a moving glass door in front. I started playing around with that, but decided I instead wanted to make a full-blown credenza with speakers and vinyls inside.

It ended up not being too difficult to create, and here’s what I ended up with:

Then, it was time to make my record player.

The final (and most time consuming step) was to get these into Dimension, and mess around with the layout. I pictured building out a media center, so I first started with a wall, floor, rug, and custom neon sign.

Then, I imported my models and started changing their materials. I made the credenza wooden, the vinyls different colored cardboard, and then used various metals and plastics for the record player. Creating all of these materials nearly crashed my computer and dimension started running painfully slowly, meaning I couldn’t play around with the lighting as much as I wanted. I’m still really happy about how it turned out. Here it is!